2015 Highlights

The assets of the Eastern Townships Community Foundation surpassed the $2-million mark in 2015.

Several organizations with funds in the Foundation invested additional amounts of money.  

New reflections are being given to the overall strategic plan with the goal of assessing the Foundation’s business plan.  

Foundation leaders and the managers of its assets renewed their efforts to insure better investment returns.

Steps were taken to encourage leading organizations to make use of the Eastern Townships Community Foundation as the development instrument for their philanthropic efforts.

The Foundation adopted a policy to deal with future funds in transit as well with protecting the economic value of our endowment funds.

Thanks to the Fonds Raymond-Massé, the Foundation financially supported two organizations whose mission it is to offer respite to parents of handicapped children.

  Perspectives for 2016

The Foundation will:

  • distribute more than $6 700 to organizations depending on their priorities;
  • continue its exchanges with endowment fund holders, especially those whose account is nearing term;
  • reflect on its development and future, through the strategic planning process;
  • focus on encouraging more influential members of the community to join the Foundation in a leadership role

Annual Board of Governors Meeting

It was held on October 13, 2016.

Annual Report 2015

(click here to download the French language file in PDF format)