Why create a fund?

Create a fund — for every cause, for every need

The Eastern Townships Community Foundation holds the expertise to help those who would like to identify and shape their philanthropic ambitions. How does an inclination become a reality? A first meeting with the leaders of the Foundation allows us to present our mission by helping the aspiring donor, if necessary to better target his or her philanthropic ambitions. An agreement is then drawn up between the donor and the Foundation to determine the objectives of the fund and the how the grants will be awarded. By creating this fund the donor becomes an associate donor of the Foundation. In this capacity, the donor is invited to participate in the activities of the Foundation, including its annual general meeting.

How to create a fund adapted to your particular situation

Your not-for-profit community organization has accumulated a certain sum of money over the years through various fundraising activities. You can protect your capital by setting up a fund in the Foundation. In this way your organization is assured of receiving the surplus from investments and these monies will serve the causes for which the fund was created.

You have accumulated some wealth and would like to give back part of it to the community in general. The Foundation can create a fund in your name and help you in identifying certain cause and needs.

You have always had a philanthropic dream. Even though you have little to offer, you can make a planned gift or name the Foundation as the beneficiary of an insurance policy that you will take out on your life. This will also permit you to receive an annual tax receipt for the value of the policy and for the premiums you have paid.

You would like to pay tribute to someone who is dear to you. By supporting the cause (s) that was (were) dear to that person, you are continuing that person's involvement in the community.

Types of funds:

  1. Administrative fund: The administrative fund covers the current activities of the organization.
  2. General endowment funds: The endowment funds group donations received for specific purposes and the capital of which is preserved in perpetuity. Investment revenues received from these funds may either be reinvested or spent on specific external projects.
  3. Organizational endowment funds: Various organizations representing different spheres of activity have endowment funds in the Foundation. The investment revenues from these funds are used to help support their own activities. The donations received must generally be distributed to the recipients after a determined period, either five or ten years. The revenues from investment in these funds are also used for specific external projec

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