Our mission, our objectives and our approach

Our mission

Ensure the permanence of local community action by creating permanent endowment funds from which the revenues are destined to improve the quality of life of the overall community.  

Our objectives

Create a philanthropic heritage in the Eastern Townships through a variety of endowment funds that support community organizations.

Ensure the management of funds under professional management on behalf of charitable organizations, companies or the government.

Our approach

Since many other organizations are already involved in improving community life in general, we have developed an approach that sets itself apart in several important areas:

  • We invite donors to participate as builders; we help them define and achieve their philanthropic objectives; we suggest worthy causes and organizations that most fit their philanthropic interests and, finally, we come up with innovative and responsible solutions to ensure a lasting effect from their investments.
  • We always look at issues with the future in mind: we identify the needs and long-term needs and invest in sustainable solutions to help our communities obtain needed resources in the future.

Who we are

What is a Community Foundation?

Our volunteer leaders

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